Selasa, 21 September 2010

Day #16: A Story about Living

The Living Room felt gloom. It was the only room that was living in the house. The kitchen, the restroom, and rooms around it never replied to its “hello”. That was why the Living Room always felt lonely.

The Living Room felt a little bit glad when the light of the sunshine touched it floor in the morning. But the world kept on spinning so The Living Room couldn’t play with the sun all day long.

In the night, The Living Room tried to reach the moon and stars. But they were too far away. The Living Room sometimes thought that being alive was not always graceful.

One day, a little bird knocked the window, “Good morning, it’s good to meet something living in this house,” greeted the bird. “Yea. The only thing that’s living and always lonely,” The Living Room grumped. “Don’t you see? Jasmine your owner is also a living thing. She’s just going to work for a while. Don’t you see that she also feels lonely?” tweeted the bird.

Ever since that time, The Living Room put its eyes on Jasmine. The Living Room never really realized about Jasmine’s live because Jasmine seemed to forget how to live. She woke up in the morning, had some instant breakfast, dressed carelessly, and went to work. She would came back home at about 08.00 p.m. Took a bath. Had a dinner. And went to bed.

Every living thing had their natural warmth, but Jasmine was as cold as ice. If the bird hadn’t told it, The Living Room would never know that Jasmine was alive.

One sorrowful night, when Jasmine arrived at home after her tiring working day, she sat in The Living Room; cold as ice as always. Since knowing that Jasmine was a living thing, The Living Room intended to share its life. It hugged Jasmine with its warmth, and Jasmine slowly melted.

“Hey! I never felt this way for years! How does this feeling come to me suddenly?” Jasmine asked herself. She didn’t know how The Living Room worked. All she knew that she felt empty no more. The next day, she woke up early, made a healthy breakfast, and dressed beautifully. Then after working all day, she came back home with a smile. She sat in her cozy Living Room and recharged. The Living Room filled her with life and her life filled Living Room in return.

One beautiful morning, the bird who told The Living Room about Jasmine came again, knocked the window, and brought another story, “Don’t you see? Soon you won’t be the only living place in the house. Look outside this window!”

And there, a garden started to grow and glow. The sun spotted jasmine flowers that started to bloom and killed the gloom. “Your Miss Jasmine planted it. Life needs another life to share, another place to spread,” tweeted the bird.

The Living Room found the meaning of being alive. It knew that every living thing life because another’s life. If Jasmine hadn’t planted them, the jasmine flowers wouldn’t grow. And if The Living Room hadn’t hugged Jasmine, she wouldn’t ever plant the flowers.

A life started in a Living Room, plugged by a bird. Nobody knows but us, not even Jasmine herself.

Psst … keep this as our little secret,

but spread the life to all the earth …

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