Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Day #20: A Duck with an Egg Behind

number twenty, day #20

Two was a duck who always brought an egg behind. It made her swam so slowly. Her friends called her “Two Slow” because she was “too slow” to swim after her friends.

“Just make your egg hatch soon, won’t you?” asked Flast Duck, a duck who always swam as fast as a flash. “It’s not the time yet,” said Two. “Or leave the egg behind, the egg drags your feet,” said Flast again. “I have a commitment with this egg,” replied Two. Flast said anything no more.
He just split the river and swam, left Two far away behind.

Two loved the egg. She loved took care of it and leaned on it when she felt tired. She believed that the egg never dragged her feet. It taught her many precious things about nurturing, patients, faith, and hope. She didn’t exactly know the thing inside the egg, but she knew something good had grown in it.

One day the egg finally cracked.

“Hey, I think this is the time!” shouted Two exciteWarna Teksdly. The eggshells peeled off little by little and touched the surface of the river, slowly flew to the sea. Something sparkle rose from the egg, “Hi, my name is Entity,” greeted the new baby born. Two was enchanted by its charm. It was a strong and solid but also beautiful, golden, and nice little thing. Outside the egg, Entity would grow with Two.

To you all who have an egg in hold

Wait them to hatch as gold.

Along this thirty days writing play,

light your spirit on day by day

Happy Sunday … ^_^

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